Volante Car Challenge 2023

Volante Car Challenge 2023

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On Saturday, April 22, we will drive the 12th edition of the Volante Car Challenge (formerly Volante Rally) this year.
With the Volante Car Challenge we now have a long history of fun, challenging driving on beautiful roads, where skill and mutual cooperation between driver and navigator can lead to the coveted trophy. But there is also plenty of opportunity before the start and after the finish to share the passion for our vehicles in a friendly atmosphere.

Just like last year, this year we will keep track of the score online according to a further improved scoring system. You do need a smartphone or tablet with a continuous internet connection. There are no performance tests.

The 3 best performing participants will receive prizes, but for an extra incentive there will also be an incentive prize and a prize for the “Car of the day”.

All Volante members (with a valid driver’s license….) can participate in this Car Challenge and you can of course bring a non-Volante member as a guest in your car. A team always consists of 2 people because of the equal competition.

It is of course the most fun to participate with a special vehicle, such as a classic, exotic or technical maverick, but if you can’t get your hands on that, you can also participate with the everyday car.

If you want to participate but you don’t have a co-driver or car, please contact us. We will then try to make a match so that full teams always start.

The day program:

  • 08.30h – Arrival of participants
  • 09.30h – Welcome and briefing
  • 10.00h – Start of team 1
  • 16.00h – Latest arrival time
  • 16.45h – Award ceremony
  • 17.30h – Dinner (if there is enough interest)

The Volante Car Challenge
We will start on Saturday 22 April at Van Eck Trailers B.V., Oude Waag 24, 4153 BV in Beesd. From 8.30 am there is a reception with coffee, tea and something sweet. Participants receive a route book, rally shield, control cards and a packed lunch at the start.

Before the start, a briefing takes place to clearly explain the ride and the rules of the game. The ride will consist of a number of routes that will be driven on the basis of different card reading systems. The digital scoring system requires the navigator to have a smartphone with a continuous internet connection.

After Finish
After the predetermined arrival time, the Car Challenge will be concluded at the finish location with a snack, drink and of course the award ceremony. Those interested can sign up for a closing BBQ when registering.

Registration for the Volante Car Challenge 2023 is possible until March 27. Registration is only possible for teams with at least one Volante member.
Costs for participation are €39.50 per person or €79.00 per team.
We would like to see at least 50 teams at the start, so register today via the online application form!

Registration closing BBQ
The real American Texas Barbecue, an impressive smoker barbecue, is a real eye-catcher. The authentic way in which the honest dishes are prepared with charcoal complete the atmosphere.

The menu consists of 5 different types of rustic prepared meat. The meat dishes are prepared according to the principle of low & slow and hot & fast. The whole is framed with types of bread, appropriate salads and authentic sauces and a surprising dessert.

The real American barbecue is operated by an experienced pit master and with the support of an assistant.

The package includes drinks for an amount of Euro 23.95 per person. You can participate by registering during the registration for the Car Challenge (see above).

The organization of the Volante Car Challenge is in the hands of the Volante activities committee. In order to steer the organization in the right direction on the day itself, we are looking for a number of volunteers who want to help us that day, for example to man a checkpoint. If you are interested in this, please contact us via the contact form on the site.

To keep the costs affordable for the participants of the Volante Car Challenge, we are always looking for companies that would like to support the Volante Car Challenge. If you have ideas about sponsorship in financial form or in the form of prizes or a goody bag, please let us know. This is also possible via the contact form.
PS. A standard sponsor contract is available. Companies that sponsor financially may participate at a reduced rate.

See you on April 22nd!

Know who is participating? See the PDF-file below! (available soon)

The Volante Car Challenge 2023 is made possible with the help of:

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