Chairman: Sjoerd Kok

Secretary: Maurice Bennen

Treasurer: Evert Henk Landman

Event committee: Rens van den Brand

PR and Marketing: Ton Hermus

General board member: Jelte Mollema


A good network is important for both graduates and the institute.

More and more it becomes clear that a long-term relationship with alumni is of great importance. From within the educational institute there is a need to incorporate the experiences of graduates into the curriculum and to gain insight into the professional environment of alumni. The most important reason to keep in touch with alumni is the need to have a connection with the professional environment by means of networking  and training possibilities.

A number of advantages can be identified resulting from the objectives of the alumni association, as described in the memorandum of association.

Benefits alumni:

  • Possibility to place trainees and graduates with new knowledge in the organizations where alumni work
  • Self-development through additional training opportunities: following seminars, training courses, workshops etc.
  • Possibility to have projects, research and advice carried out
  • Acquiring knowledge from research initiated by lectors / knowledge center / ARL-A (Applied Research Laboratory-Automotive)
  • Contribute to improving the quality of practical higher education
  • Better insight into the market, through access to vacancies and through contacts with other alumni
  • Networking
  • Sociability

Benefits HAN Automotive:

  • Quality improvement of education
  • Expansion of the database of internships and graduation organizations and opportunities to inform companies about the possibilities via the alumni
  • Improve information about the professional field, for students and prospective students
  • Profiling as a training institute, and for the purpose of research and consulting
  • Networking
  • Alumni are the target of re-training opportunities
  • Comply with accreditation requirement

We organize:

Volante wants to offer its alumni facilities and activities that are attractive for graduates. To this end, we want to structurally maintain the relationship with alumni. Volante will:

  • Organize annual events. This could include a conference with interesting speakers from the automotive industry, a reunion, workshops, presentations on current topics, company visits, study trips, the Volante Rally, motorbike tours and the Volante kart Cup.
  • Nice networking
  • Develop other initiatives


Volante regularly organizes well attended events. This is made possible by the dedication and support of many people and organizations.

Volante is looking for cooperation with companies in this.


We are still looking for companies that want to act as an association sponsor. Interested? Then contact us.

Event sponsors:

The following sponsors give us the opportunity to organize Volante Rally’s, the motorcycle tour and the Volante Kart Cup:

Privacy statement

As a response to the introduction of the AVG per May 25th 2018, Volante published the privacy statement.

In the document below you can read what data Volante registers and what it is used for.

An English version of this document will be made available once it has been translated.


Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about Alumni Association Volante with the answer.


Who can become a member?

Membership is open to graduates and lecturers from the HBO Automotive (HTS-Autotechniek / HAN Automotive) course at the ‘Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen’ and its legal predecessors.


How can I become a member?

Are you a graduate of the HTS Autotechniek / HAN Automotive and do you want to become a member of Alumni Association Volante, please sign-up using the online application form.


How can I inform Volante about changes in my personal data?

You can easily submit a change in your details via our contact form.


What should I do if I live abroad?

If you live abroad, you can of course also become a member. With the introduction of the IBAN-code we can also collect from an account abroad. You do not have to do anything special.


How can I help Volante?

I want to help to bring the association to fruition. What are the possibilities?

We can use your help within our young association. You can think of:

  • Help in committees (there is already a PR, activity and audit committee in which support is welcome).
  • To fulfill a management function in the board.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Etc. etc.

Do you have ideas? Contact one of the board members or use the contact form.


Is there a relationship between the Volante membership and the LinkedIn group Autotechniek?

The Volante membership is separate from participation in the LinkedIn group Autotechniek.

The LinkedIn group Autotechniek is open to anyone who has “a link” with the training program. It is useful to have contacts and discussions. Within the Autotechniek group we have a subgroup for graduates.

To be able to join our group and possibly the subgroup for graduates, a LinkedIn account is needed.
Volante also has a LinkedIn page, look for the LinkedIn symbol in the footer of this website.

HAN Automotive Alumni Portal

HAN Automotive registers data of graduates in a database.

Correct data of graduates is of great importance for the institute, for the information about current job and company.

If there is a change in your private and / or company details, please notify the HAN via the HAN Automotive Alumni Portal.

Graduates can change their own name and address data themselves. In the event of a change of employer, because of unambiguous naming, the change is performed by the administrator.

In March 2016, an attempt was made to reach every graduate by e-mail or letter and to send information about their login details, for the management of their details. No message received or is the data is no longer available? In that case please contact the administrator of the portal via the contact page.


Inform Volante about changes in personal data

Since the HAN Automotive Alumni Portal is not managed by Volante and data cannot be exchanged, changes in your personal data must also be reported separately to Volante.

You can easily submit a change in your details via our contact form.

Courses and training

In today’s rapidly changing society, it is always necessary to ensure that you stay up-to-date.

Training and advice

Many people know us from the HTS-Autotechniek, now Bachelor Automotive. As of August 2011, we also have an Englisch spoken Bachelor Automotive Engineering.

The HAN can also be of service to you afterwards. We offer a wide range of training courses. There are a lot of possibilities, such as:


HAN Automotive gives Volante members a discount on post-graduate courses and courses offered by HAN Automotive. This standard discount is 10% per person per course.

If you want to take part in a course with more than one candidate from your office, it is possible to make further price agreements. HAN Automotive can also offer you an ‘in-company training program’. In this case you are requested to contact Ertan Ertunc.
His email address is known at Volante.

More information

For more information about post-graduate courses, training and master’s degree programs you can visit the website of HAN Automotive:


Meet our lecturers and PhD students. They are the face of all the high-quality research at the HAN.

With their efforts, the lectorates give new impuls to education. Thanks to lecturers and PhD students, HAN delivers top quality to both students and companies. With the expertise centers HAN creates opportunities for companies. The Automotive Expertise Center was set up for the Automotive industry.