Volante Motor Tour 2024

Volante Motor Tour 2024

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On Saturday, September 7, we have another beautiful and educational Volante motorcycle tour ready for you, where we combine the useful with the pleasant.

It is useful that we receive guidance from experienced instructors, who assess us during the ride on our driving style, how we look around bends and much more. The pleasant thing is of course riding motorcycles together on beautiful roads, through varied landscapes.

We will still determine the exact location, but take the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Betuwe region into account. We will provide information about the location in a timely manner.

We start at 9:30 am with the reception and a short explanation, while enjoying coffee or tea with something tasty. We then start riding, where each 2 motorcyclists are in direct contact with the instructor. We alternate this regularly so that everyone receives sufficient guidance.

Around 12:30 we stop for a nice lunch and get back on the bike an hour later. Of course lunch is included in the price!

After lunch we continue the tour, regularly changing headsets to communicate with the instructor.

We expect to end the tour around 4:00 PM, after which we can enjoy a (non-alcoholic) drink together and chat about the day.

Due to the availability of a maximum of 2 instructors, there is room for 12 people, so be quick with your registration to avoid missing out.

You can register via the online registration form.

Due to the registration of the instructors, the date of the AGM (June 8) is the last day on which you can register.

There are costs associated with participating in this event. These costs are only €50 per participant.
In addition to guidance while driving, this amount also includes coffee at the start, lunch and a drink upon arrival.

The times after departure are indicative. Participation is at your own risk.

We look forward to your registration! Until September 7th.

PS: have you already registered for the AGM on June 8? Check the website or your email for the description and registration form.

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