Volante Kart Cup 2023

Volante Kart Cup 2023

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On Saturday September 16 it’s that time again, we will organize the Volante Kart Cup 2023 but now on the Karting circuit Eefde.

Over the last few years we’ve had to postpone the annual Kart Cup a few times due to the Covid pandemic, but it’s back! Hopefully we can make it an annual event again.

The Kart Cup is a very nice combination of mutual competition and fun among Automotive Alumni! The organization will do its best to offer good hospitality and also a lot of action, both on and off the track. This works best when we have a lot of registrations, so sign up! Maybe you will go home with the grand prize.

The concept follows the usual recipe: it involves a 2-hour endurance race between teams. These teams consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people. Since karting is quite physically demanding, it is preferable to have your team consist of 4 people.

At least one person per team must be a member of Volante or a 4th year student of HAN Automotive. Guests (thus anyone who is not a Volante member or a 4th year student of HAN Automotive) pay € 10 extra per person.

To be able to rent the track for our event we need at least 20 teams, but with our past experience we don’t expect this to be a problem. To avoid disappointments, we would like to receive all registrations before Saturday 24 June, so that we can finalize the registration.

The program looks like this:
Walk-in/reception including lunch
12.30h: Briefing starts
13:00h: Qualifying practice
14:00h: Volante Kart Cup (2 hour endurance race)
16:00h: Drinks and snacks
16:30h: Award ceremony
18:00h: End of program

Don’t you want to miss Volante’s annual Kart event this year too?
Register today via the online registration form.

Participation costs 200 euros for a team consisting of Volante members or 4th year HAN Automotive students, with a surcharge of 10 euros per team member who does not meet this requirement.

So register quickly!

See you on September 16th!

The Volante Kart Cup 2023 is made possible by:

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