Volante’s right to exist is in danger!

Volante’s right to exist is in danger!

Note; the post below has been translated with Google Translate.

Dear Volante members,

As you may have heard or read, it is not easy to keep the association afloat. The search for new board members and volunteers has been difficult for years and succession is often difficult to find. Many say “Yes” when we ask for help, but when push comes to shove, it is often too much work to go the extra mile. We as the current board regret that and actually miss the members who give Volante a warm heart and who will maintain the association with a little effort of a few hours a month.

This message in this newsletter is therefore an EMERGENCY CALL to everyone who is a member of Volante, because no less than 3 board members are leaving. Bauke, Jelte and Sijmen will stop their contribution for the board.

If there is no succession for a board member for the activities committee, the treasurer and the chairman, a vote will be held in the next GMM to dissolve the legal entity, so that the association can be terminated and Volante no longer exists.

With pain in our hearts, we as the current board have concluded that due to a lack of registrations we cannot make any other decision than to terminate the association. This would mean that the current Volante network, with approximately 790 members, will no longer be able to come together for company visits, Car Challenge, motorcycle tour or any meeting or activity that can be devised and set up. The network that everyone likes to be a part of as a former HTS student in Autotechniek is ending after many years.

If you believe that Volante should continue to exist and want to add your own input to keep Volante going and on the map, then this is the perfect opportunity!

Volante has potential for every member, but will have to be managed. If you have any questions about the content of this message, do not hesitate to contact Volante, but better still, sign up as a successor on the board and ensure that Volante has and maintains its right to exist!

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