Report Volante visit Terberg

Report Volante visit Terberg

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The first Volante company visit of 2013 took place on Thursday March 7th. We went to Terberg Benshop in Benschop. The specialist for Terminal, Terrain and RoRo tractors, Rail road vehicles, Swap body vehicles and Shunters.

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We reached the maximum number of 40 participants that we had agreed well in advance of the visit. We were welcomed with a cup of coffee or tea and when most of the participants were inside we could credit the inner person with soup and a delicious bread meal.

First we received a general presentation with an explanation about the company and its history. Terberg Benschop B.V. originated from a village forge in 1869 that was located at the location where the company is still located today. The great-grandfather of the current management then started a forge in Benschop and the company has since grown into a manufacturer of special vehicles. The automotive activities started after the Second World War when people put better rocking axes under army vehicles.
They build tailor-made trucks for earthmoving and construction transport, and tailor-made terminal / RoRo tractors for the transport of trailers in ports, industry, logistics and distribution centers.
The Terberg vehicles are active in more than 80 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, SE Asia, China and Australia.
Within the niche markets in which they are active, they supply a very wide range of vehicles of a high quality level.

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After the presentation an extensive tour of the company followed. A division was made between five groups, making it easy for everyone to follow. Four of the five guides themselves had studied at the HTS Automotive Engineering, which made it even more special. We were told and seen how the production takes place and how the capacity that was released because the production decreased somewhat due to the crisis has been used to set up a completely new production line in two halls. The robot installation for welding the frames was impressive.

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During the tour we also came to the place where it all started. The forge of the founder.

After the tour we came together for a drink with the opportunity to ask questions and to network.

One of the participants has grasped the experience of this visit on Social Media. He wrote: “I speak (I think) for all attendees: Wonderful company. We can be proud that we produce these fantastic products in the Netherlands. Thank you to all presenters for the excellent tour.”

Special thanks to Terberg Benschop and everyone involved in the visit.

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