Report ALV and autumn event The Gallery

Report ALV and autumn event The Gallery

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A number of members visited the fall event 2012 on 13 October at The Gallery in Brummen.

Najaarsevent 2012-1

Although the rain clattered generously and the wind blew around the building, it was a beautiful day.

Annual meeting
This time The Gallery in Brummen was the meeting place for Alumni of the HTS Car Engineering. After the reception, the annual meeting. Reporting, looking ahead, figures, growth, intentions and plans for the coming year and a vote, as stated in the articles of association, for board members who retire.
After accountability, Marc Blom stepped down as treasurer. After two periods of 2 years, his direct involvement had come to an end under the articles of association. Marjolein Kool was unanimously chosen as his successor.

Najaarsevent 2012-2
Najaarsevent 2012-3

When Marjolein joined, Jeroen van Gend took her place on the activity committee, who has been working as a member for quite some time. The positions of chairman and secretary will become available next year. The board will approach new candidates in the coming period. Naturally all Volantel members can make themselves available for these functions. You can register via the secretariat.

The minutes of the meeting can be read below:

Najaarsevent 2012-4

Lunch and boy toys
During the very animated lunch, extensive networking and looking around in the range of cars and motorcycles, which is for sale in The Gallery.
We could also view the toy museum on the second floor. It is known that cars are called “Boy-Toys”, but the displayed toys also probably belonged to the same category.

Najaarsevent 2012-5

Afternoon session
After lunch, the afternoon session was opened by Nico Aaldering, director and owner of the Gallery. He has been a household name in the world of classic enthusiasts for more than 25 years: Classic and Sportscars. He gave us a look behind the scenes in the ins and outs of this company. Initially as a specialist in Alfa Romeo’s, but now almost completely shifted towards the import and export of classics. With his building in Brummen a new formula has been created, in our opinion a perfect opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Najaarsevent 2012-6

Smiling Truck
Stuart Purdy, Lead Designer at DAF Trucks was the first design guest speaker to explain the design process of the new and impressive DAF Euro6 XF. With beautiful images of the creation of the new cabin, he took us into the experience of a designer.
The wide smiling front of the new XF will stay with us for a long time.

Right to exist
The last speaker, Elmer van Grondelle, stated that we were only allowed to talk about a car in the car also has a right to exist. Elmer has shared his joy and sorrow with us and took the attendees into his world, displaying many products from confused designers. Are you still driving around with a rain sensor or are you considering purchasing an Aston Martin Signet? I do not dare anymore!

Najaarsevent 2012-7

Old and less old
The afternoon session ended with a round of New Year’s Eve. Old-time celebrities were present to share their experiences. Former director Ewoud de Vreugd, Frau Brigitte Hunger, Albert Lie, Antoine Janssen and Lukas Dik gave their vision on then and now under the leadership of Jeroen van de Braak. An animated discussion, in which Frau Hunger naturally stole the show and told us, solicited and unsolicited, that chewing gum in the school desks is really impossible and that good manners must be respected.

Najaarsevent 2012-8

Network drink
As usual at the conclusion of a Volante meeting, networking (and bubbling) is a good habit. Very animated young and old mixed in and old stories could be told. To look at beautiful cars of course and to put that never-asked question to Albert Lie.

The rain clattered against the windows, the wind was still bleak, but …
It was a beautiful day.
The following meetings are already planned. Check our agenda!

Photos of the day can be viewed below.

Photos ALV and autumn event The Gallery

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