Volante Rally 2020

Volante Rally 2020

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Given the development of the situation related to the coronavirus, the board of Volante has decided to cancel all further planned events in 2020.

More information: https://alumniverenigingvolante.nl/en/volante-events-2020-cancelled/

Saturday October 3rd this year the 11th edition of the Volante Rally will be held.
The Rally is an annual automotive activity where the passion for vehicles before the start and after the finish can be shared in a cozy atmosphere. Between these two moments, the Volante Rally is above all a challenging game in which the most skilled navigator + driver gets away with it shall go.
A number of things are different this year compared to previous years, for example, we are going to start an hour earlier to better celebrate the award ceremony and the networking drink, we will be keeping the score online this year and there will be no performance test.
In addition to the prizes for numbers 1,2 & 3, an “incentive prize” and a prize for the “car of the day” will also be awarded.

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Participation in the Volante Rally is open to all Volante members. Participation with fun or special vehicles such as a classic or a trendy “zero emission” car is preferred, but it is absolutely no problem to participate in a daily car.
You can take a guest with you. For the sake of equal competition, a crew always consists of 2 people per vehicle.
It is also possible to sign up if you cannot participate with a vehicle, but would like to ride with someone. We will then try to make a match with another participant who does participate with a vehicle.

The day program:

  • 08.30h – Arrival of participants
  • 09.30h – Welcome and briefing
  • 10.00h – Start of team 1
  • 16.00h – Latest arrival time
  • 16.45h – Award ceremony
  • 17.30h – Dinner (if there is enough interest)
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The rally
The Volante Rally will start on Saturday October 3rd at Recreatiepark de Heidebloem in Schaijk, where the Rally will also finish on time this year. From 8.30 there is a reception with coffee, tea and something tasty. At the start, participants receive a route book, rally shield, control cards and a packed lunch. There is a briefing before the start. The ride will consist of a number of trajectories that will be driven on the basis of different card reading systems.
Because we are going to keep the score digitally for the first time this year, it is imperative that the navigator of each team has a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

Rally2020 3

After the Rally
After the predetermined time of arrival at the finish location, the Rally will be concluded with a snack, a drink and the prize-giving ceremony. If there is sufficient interest there is the option of having a meal afterwards. This requires separate registration. More information will follow if there is sufficient interest.

Registration for the Volante Rally 2020 is possible until September 21st. Registration is only possible for teams with at least one Volante member.
Participation costs are € 39.50 per person or € 79.00 per crew.
We would like to see at least 50 teams appear at the start, so sign up today through the online registration form!

The organization of the Volante Rally is in the hands of the Volante activity committee.
For the organization of the rally we are looking for a number of volunteers who want to help us that day to man a checkpoint or to judge results. If you are interested in this, please contact us via the contact form on the site.

To keep the costs for the participants of the Volante Rally affordable, we are also always looking for companies that would like to support the Volante Rally.
If you have ideas about sponsoring in financial form or in the form of prizes or a goody bag, let us know. This is also possible via the contact form.
Ps. A standard sponsor contract is available. Companies that sponsor financially may participate at a reduced rate.

See you on October 3rd!

Know who is participating? See the PDF-file below!.

The Volante Rally 2020 is made possible with the help of:

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