Volante board members wanted!

Volante board members wanted!

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During the General Meeting of Members of Alumni Association Volante, on a to be specified date, new board members are elected.

It has already been more than two years since our current chairman (Bertram Padmos) and our current secretary (Frans Berkien) joined the Volante board. Since both gentlemen have indicated that they would like to stay for another term, we will not actively recruit for these two positions.
However, if there are Volante members who still want to apply for one of these positions, a vote will be taken during the meeting. Candidates can contact the board via e-mail or the contact form on this site.

Immediately there are two positions available within the Volante board, for which we would like to get in touch with candidates.
This concerns the following vacancies:

For the content of functions, read the vacancy texts above!

Do you want to contribute to Volante and fill a position on the board?
Then apply for one of the vacant positions.

Candidates can report to the board until the election during the GMM.
If interested, please contact one of the board members via the contact form.
We are happy to tell you more about the board and the functions.

We hope for many candidates!

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