Terberg Volante Rally 2018 in the Eifel

Terberg Volante Rally 2018 in the Eifel

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Because of the 10-year jubilee, we have done a great job in 2018 with a two-day version of the Terberg Volante Rally!!

Saturday morning April 14th 8:30h, location “Hotel Winselerhof” near Landgraaf.
The first cars have already been spotted with a layer of morning dew. There is a nice weekend waiting. The Terberg Volante Rally 2018 – Eifel Special. Number 9 of a series of beautiful rallies driven by former HTS people. A beautiful starting field ranging from the 2CV from Flip and Victor to the Alfa 4C from Dave and Ton.

Volante Rally 2018 1

At the registration the road book was eagerly received by the participants. The routes were carefully planned. The briefing was provided by Paul van RallySupport, after which the first cars started at 11:00h.

With a bol-arrow route followed by a piece of advanced map reading, it went to Monschau, a picturesque town where the (most) participants had the opportunity to explore the town for over an hour and enjoy their lunch.

Volante Rally 2018 2

From Monschau the road continues through the beautiful Eifel area with hairpin bends, beautiful hill sides and idyllic villages. The final goal of day 1 was hotel “Royal Montana” in Altenahr. A few participants were lucky enough to be allowed to park in front of the hotel.

Day 1 left a fantastic impression where extensive experiences are shared while enjoying a delicious Schnitzel and for the Weissbier lovers.
In the bar the evaluation continued until the early hours.

Volante Rally 2018 3

Day 2, the Formula 1 race of China was, for some participants, more important than breakfast. Around 9:30 am the route books were handed out and the tactics of the day determined. The cold start of different vehicles echoing in the old streets of Altenahr was very nice. After an hour the peace has returned and everyone was on their way to the final goal “Bilderberg Château Holtmühle in Tegelen.
The BMW Z3 of French and Pieter was held up by the resident of one of the villages where they were shown to overenthusiastic operation of the right foot pedal by certain participants.
The piece of gravel was visible on the vehicles, but was not allowed to press the fun.
Once we arrived at “Bilderberg Château Holtmühle” there was a lot of talk about the fantastic rally where the weather worked again in our favor.

Conclusion: An incredibly beautiful rally through an even more beautiful landscape with a very mixed field with a shared passion for Automotive.

Volante Rally 2018 4

The results:

  1. Chris Westland and Jarno Spijker with their Opel
  2. Jeanette Polman-Blankespoor and Ina van Goor with the Triumph STA
  3. Marco van Mourik and Kevin Kaiser with the Toyota Starlet

The success of the Terberg Volante Rally 2018 is evident from the quotes of participants:

  1. “Super nice two days! Organization thanks! They were two top days!”
  2. “Thanks for the great weekend”
  3. “Thanks to the organization it was great, as far as I’m concerned, a 2-day Rally next year.”
  4. “It were 2 great days! As far as we’re concerned, next year again.”

The pictures, taken by Anne Pardoel, Bauke Scholten, Jelte Mollema and Jacco van Son, are listed below and on our Facebook page.

Photos day 1 Photos day 2

The Terberg Volante Rally 2018 was made possible by the support of:

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