Terberg association sponsor Volante

Terberg association sponsor Volante

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For 2018, the Terberg Group and Volante agreed on a collaboration. Together, Terberg contributes to the organizational costs of a number of Volante events and Volante ensures Terberg’s visibility in its expressions, including links to Terberg’s vacancies. The first event to which the name of Terberg is linked is the Terberg Volante Rally 2018-Eifel Special. The Volante Rally which because of the tenth anniversary of Volante had a special edition during two days and largely took place in the Eifel

Terberg Benschop sponsor Volante

The collaboration started at the end of 2017 with a company visit to Terberg Benschop in which besides members of Volante students from the last phase of the Automotive program were present. A mutually appreciated event that has become the start of the now contractually established partnership.

Terberg was founded in Benschop in 1869 and is still completely owned by the family. Terberg Group now has a number of operating companies that serve different parts of the vehicle-related market. The group focuses on special vehicles, vehicle modifications, truck-mounted forklifts, leasing and waste-processing machines. In total there are 28 operating companies in 11 countries.

Like many technical companies, the Terberg Group is currently struggling to attract enough qualified personnel. The HTS Autotecniek / HAN Automotive course has already produced many of the Terbereg employees. There are constant opportunities for both structural testers and technically-commercially trained engineers. More information about vacancies and for an open application can be found on the site “Working at the Terberg Group

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