Report Volante visit DAF Trucks

Report Volante visit DAF Trucks

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DAF Trucks gave us the opportunity to view the production on October 26th 2010, after which we also visited the DAF Museum.

DAF Trucks
We were presented with an educational program. After the coffee / tea reception, a short company film was shown and we went on the train for an extensive tour through the production facilities. We saw the progress of, among other things, engine parts, plate parts and side members through the factory and the emergence of the different types of CF and XF. Fortunately, there was plenty of production again: sales are going well, so that the production numbers have been increased again.

DAF Museum
After we had admired the current products extensively, we went to the DAF Museum. We were shown around by Jos Krumpelman, who obtained the HTS Car Engineering Diploma in 1972. He then worked at the DAF for 28 years.

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