Report visit Mitsubishi Turbochargers and Engines

Report visit Mitsubishi Turbochargers and Engines

Note; the post below has been translated with Google Translate.

June 22nd we from Volante were guests at Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe in Almere. Here turbos are developed and produced for a very diverse range of vehicles.

Lex, Dennis and Marcel had put together a very interesting and beautiful program for us. You can not listen to an empty stomach, so a number of scales with Japanese treats solve this problem.

Then we got to hear the history of the company. Astonishing how regulation sometimes leads to an arsenal of companies that carry the same name in the base.

Of course, the technique was not forgotten. Which brands use a Mitsubishi turbo? What does a development process look like? What do they all do in Almere? And what is expected of the near future in the turbo area? These questions and many others were answered in a fascinating presentation.

Stories and pictures are beautiful, but we also want to see the hardware! And we have seen that. The assembly of turbos for, among others, BMW and PSA. The combination of mechanical and human labor. A complete production line including a test at the end. Very fascinating! The fully automatic production line of the cartridges was also extremely interesting.

Finally, the test benches were next. Nice to see what provisions have been made to test a turbo separately from the engine. In addition to a complete set-up of an engine with a turbo on it.

Given the heat in the test cells, we were pretty ready for a final drink, which was also well provided. A pleasant evening came so beautiful to an end.

On behalf of all participants, we want to thank Mitsubishi Turbo and their people for the perfectly organized evening and the opportunity to have a look in their kitchen.

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