Report ALV and Masterclass H2

Report ALV and Masterclass H2

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3/21/2020, that was the initial date on which this event was planned. In the background, the board has rescheduled the event up to three times between the measures in force, but in the end the Masterclass H2 and ALV could only take place on Saturday, November 5, 2022 without restrictions.

The location for the Volante Masterclass H2 and ALV 2021 is in the HAN H2Lab on the, during this autumn day, somewhat mystical IPKW (Industriepark Kleefse Waard) site. The industrial area that was created by the establishment of the Algemene Kunstzijde Unie (AKU) in 1941 and which has been completely redeveloped since 2003 into what the IPKW website calls “a recognized hotspot for sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship”. The HAN H2Lab is one of HAN’s “hybrid learning environments” and is a “shared facility test and development environment for hydrogen systems”.

The members are welcomed with a cup of coffee or tea, after which the program of that day starts with the ALV at 11:30 am. During the general meeting of members, the board accounted for the past year and a look was taken at the events already planned for the coming association year. An important part of the ALV were the board changes and the filling of the PR vacancy, you can read more about this in the minutes of the ALV.

After a delicious sandwich lunch, the program of that day continues with the Masterclass H2. The first speaker is Mr. Gert-Jan Rap of RAP Clean Vehicle Technology, specialist in the field of H2 applications in the automotive industry.

30 minutes speaking time per speaker has been scheduled for the three speakers. It was already predicted, the subject is so captivating and made so lively by Mr. Rap presented that instead of the planned 30 minutes, the attendees carefully absorb the information for more than 75 minutes.

After a short coffee break and the group photo (out of concern that we would otherwise not be able to take it in daylight) we continue the program with Mr. Remco Wonink of Hyundai NL.

In Hyundai’s presentation, Mr. Wonink in particular what Hyundai’s vision is on the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. For an industrial giant such as Hyundai, this turns out not to be limited to propelling cars, but also to be used in road transport, shipping, construction machines, etc. On the other hand, the fuel cell of a passenger car could also serve as a “power plant” in addition to propulsion, for example. for a household. Enough food for thought… Ruben Bruins, researcher and lab manager of the HAN H2Lab will provide the last session of the event. Mr. Bruins starts the presentation about the HAN H2Lab.

The hydrogen lab offers a hybrid learning environment for HBO students and companies. Engineering and Automotive students can come to the lab to test whether the technology they have developed actually works. In this way, practice and the academic world are brought together here.

To show how practical education works in the HAN H2Lab, Mr. Demonstrated Bruins mini fuel cell specially developed for education.

This small fuel cell demonstrates to those present what influence the various parameters have on load, overload in relation to output. This enlightening demonstration is followed by a tour of the HAN H2Lab.

According to good practice, the Volante Masterclass H2 and ALV is concluded with a pleasant networking drink, where there is intense debate and ideas for subsequent events are formed.

We would like to invite guest speakers Mr. Gert-Jan Rap of RAP Clean Vehicle Technology, Mr. Remco Wonink of Hyundai NL and Mr. Ruben Bruins of the HAN H2Lab for their interesting contributions that shaped this event! Mr. Ruben Bruins, the IPKW and HAN thanks for the hospitality! In addition, Hyundai NL thanks for making the Hyundai Nexo available and Toyota Louwman thanks for making the Toyota Mirai available!

If you now have the idea that you have missed an interesting event, or if you were there and you think that Volante should follow up on this topic or the event, please let us know and fill in the contact form on our website;

Minutes of the ALV

Photos ALV and Masterclass H2

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