Report ALV and autumn event Porsche Centrum Gelderland

Report ALV and autumn event Porsche Centrum Gelderland

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On Saturday October 1st, for the Volante autumn event we went to the inspiring environment of the Porsche Center Gelderland and the Porsche Classic Center Gelderland. In addition to the annual meeting, Mark Wegh informed us about the ups and downs of his company.

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Every year on the first Saturday of October, a special location is the setting for the Volante autumn event. Not only does Volante want to drop the event year with a special event, but also according to tradition the annual meeting takes place, with the various board members going through the year with the members.

This year Volante was a guest at the Porsche Classic Center in Heteren. Such a good 40 members had come to the event and were – already in advance – treated to a special afternoon. Before the start of the annual meeting our members were welcomed with coffee and tea, accompanied by an apple flap or stuffed cake, after which the attention quickly moved to the many classic Porsches that were set up in the Center. The minutes of the annual meeting can be downloaded below.

After the Volante annual meeting was held in the main building, the Porsche Centrum Gelderland, the members and the board were welcomed by Mark Wegh, owner of both the Porsche Centrum Gelderland and the Porsche Classic Center. The Porsche Classic Center is the first of its kind worldwide. Nowhere in the world is this concept – the (continued) sale, maintenance, repair, restoration and damage-freeing of classic Porsches – put into practice in this way.

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Mark Wegh started a Porsche dealership at this location about 10 years ago in Gelderse Heteren at his own risk. Naturally, the whole thing came into being in close consultation with the fa. Pon. Porsche was not yet represented in this part of our country and Pon liked to fill this gap. Construction started in 2005 and in 2006 the Porsche Centrum Gelderland opened its doors. This Center quickly grew into one of the most successful Porsche dealers in the Netherlands, which has been awarded the “Porsche dealer of the year” award almost every year. At Heteren, around 1000 new and used Porsches are currently being changed. This is equivalent to a share of almost a quarter of the Dutch market.

Since 2006, the original building has been rebuilt several times and expanded to meet the growing demand for Porsches in combination with the growing number of models. The Porsche Classic Center is the latest addition, although the next refurbishment (expansion of the damage center) is already in full swing.

The Classic Center originated more or less from Mark’s hobby. Hobby alone is not enough, Mark also has the feeling that, as he said himself, “a little money can be made.” All classic Porsches, mainly of types 356 and 911, are owned by the Classic Center and can simply be sold. In addition, the cars can be exchanged. Classics can also be restored and damage can be repaired. Mark strives to have special cars in his collection because there are always people who are looking for something special. Among his personal favorites are 911s from the first complete production year 1964. His latest acquisition is a 911 from 1964 with chassis number 113 from that year. Completely worn out but the car will still be restored.
According to Mark, the special thing about classic cars is not only the unique character but also the fact that there is no price tag in principle. Of course literally, but given the fact that special classic cars, especially with matching numbers, are only increasing in value at the moment, buying such a classic is a valuable investment.

The final piece of the tour was a visit to Mark’s private collection. As he told us during the tour, his true love from home with the brands Volkswagen and Audi. Porsche was added later. His collection Volkswagens, Audi’s and Porsches can be called truly unique. Every car included in his private collection has a special story. A few examples? A Beetle from the first series of 6 that was brought to the Netherlands by Ben Pon Sr. in 1947, a beautiful Golf GTI from the first production year 1976, the only police Porsche of the type 924 that was intended to replace the 911s, various body styles based on a Beetle that came onto the market under its own name, such as Rometsch, an Audi Quattro, of which Freddy Heineken was the first owner and so it is still possible to continue.

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After the tour it was time for the drinks. Everything can be seen that the Porsche Centrum Gelderland and the Porsche Classic Center are used to receiving groups of interested parties. The drink was fantastic. Compliments to the employees of Mark!

One thing is certain: the participating Volante members have experienced a unique afternoon, those who stayed at home really missed something…

Response to FB of one of the participants:
“Again a very successful Volante event, very tactical to plan an annual meeting at a fantastic location Unique story, Mark Wegh has put down a performance in 10 years, almost every year Porsche dealer of the year. recognized Porsche Classic Center! And now a collection of classic Porsches, VW’s and Audi’s where many museums would be jealous and now building again to expand the damage business by as much as 1600m2 Volante team, thank you for a good association year! ”

Photos ALV and autumn event Porsche Centrum Gelderland

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