New website Volante

New website Volante

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Most of you will already have seen it: Alumni Association Volante has a new website!

For a long time there has been a desire within Volante to set up its own website, separate from the systems and design of HAN Automotive. We have been allowed to use the HAN IT facilities for many years and we want to thank the HAN for that.

Nieuwe website Volante

With the new site, Volante has tried to set up a more modern website that is easier to maintain. By building the site on the WordPress platform, the possibilities for expanding and rolling out online services are almost endless.
The theme used for the site is ‘responsive’, which ensures that the site is legible both on a PC and on most tablets and smartphones.

To serve our English members, the entire site is available in 2 languages. The language can be changed via the language buttons at the top right.

Content website
When you visit the Volante website, you see our home page. There, an attempt was made to display all commonly used pages in a well-organized way with large buttons. If you search for information in more detail, you can use the menu at the top right. Below a short explanation per page:

  • NEWS: A blog page with all news items from Volante
    • NEWSLETTER: A blog page with all Volante newsletters
    • VOLANTE DAILY: A link to the page of Volante
  • EVENTS: A blog page with all Volante events
    • CALENDAR: A page with the event calendar
  • PHOTOS: A page with links to photos of all events
  • VACANCIES: A page for the vacancy service and the vacancy portal (more on that another time!)
  • SIGN UP: A page with an online registration form for new members
  • ABOUT VOLANTE: A page with more information about Volante including;
    • Board
    • Goals
    • Sponsors
    • Privacy statement
    • F.A.Q.
  • CONTACT: A contact form to contact Volante

To get a good impression of the site, take a moment to view the different pages!

Nieuwe e-mail Volante

Email addresses and contact form
A new site also needs a new e-mail address. Because we now host the site under our own management, we can also use our own domain name for e-mail addresses. From now on, all e-mail addresses will end with ‘‘.

The e-mail address via the HAN, which Volante has used for years, is currently no longer in use. Mails are forwarded to the new address and the sender receives a notification about the new address.

There are different e-mail addresses available for Volante, each with a different purpose. Below is a (limited) overview:

  • info@…… – The general e-mail address of Volante, replaces the HAN address!
  • evenementen@…… – The e-mail address for the activities committee.
  • nieuwsbrief@…… – The e-mail address for newsletters.
  • vacatures@…… – The e-mail address for the vacancy service

You can also always use the contact form on the website.
Messages then arrive in the general mailbox, which is managed by our treasurer.

LinkedIn page Volante
With the introduction of the new site, Volante has also set up its own LinkedIn page.
As a Volante member you can sign up for this group, so you can stay up to date on Volante activities that way.
The Volante LinkedIn page can be found via the link below:

Questions or comments about the new website, please let us know!

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